Welcome to Anchorage's
Disability Abuse Response Team (D.A.R.T.) website!

            Anchorage D.A.R.T is committed to ensuring there is no wrong door for individuals with disabilities to access safety from abuse.

D.A.R.T. is a collaboration of many different stakeholders who have the common vision of reducing interpersonal violence against people with disabilities. This website was created to be a central location for member information, education and training and other relevant information.

Our mission is to reduce barriers for people with disabilities who are experiencing abuse, exploitation or neglect.

 D.A.R.T. Anchorage envisions a community in which people with disabilities who are experiencing abuse, exploitation or neglect have a network of support that allows for safety, support and compassion.

The Disability Abuse Response Team (D.A.R.T.) was established in Anchorage to better assist individuals with disabilities or otherwise vulnerable adults experiencing abuse. The D.A.R.T. is comprised of multiple agencies in Anchorage that can help with resources and referrals in a time of need for safety.

Why participate in D.A.R.T.?

  • Access to member list including direct contacts at member agencies
  • Networking with partner agencies
  • Training opportunities
  • Resource sharing


Member agencies agree to support the Disability Abuse Response Team (D.A.R.T.) by:

  • Assigning a point of contact to attend monthly meetings
  • Provide member agencies with training about their services and area     of expertise
  • Assist to coordinate and/or attend activities for Domestic Violence Awareness Month and Sexual Assault Awareness Month.
  • Agreeing to add domestic violence and sexual assault training to their new employee orientation and on-going employee training  
  • Agreeing to add disability specific training to their new employee orientation and on-going employee training

Membership Information

If you are interested in becoming a member of D.A.R.T., please fill out the following information and someone will contact you as soon as possible.

First Name:
Last Name:
Zip Code: (5 digits)
Daytime Phone:
Evening/Mobile Phone:

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