About Domestic Violence

24 Hour Crisis & Support Line

About Domestic Violence


Learn more about how to identify domestic violence, create a safety plan, and how to help someone who might be experiencing abuse. For more comprehensive information, please visit the links under Additional Resources.

If you are in an unsafe situation or concerned about someone you know, please call AWAIC’s 24-hour crisis and support line at (907) 272-0100.

What is domestic violence?

Domestic violence is a recurring series of actions used by one partner to gain and sustain power and control over another partner in an intimate relationship. It is important to understand that individuals from all backgrounds can become victims.

Warning Signs

Domestic violence takes diverse forms within relationships. Abusive partners employ various strategies to assert power and establish control. AWAIC is here to shed light on the warning signs and provide support.

Safety Planning

A safety plan, provided by AWAIC, consists of a set of actions tailored to you and your life that can effectively minimize the risk of harm from your partner, whether during your relationship or after leaving.

How to Help Someone

If you suspect someone you know may be experiencing abuse, you may feel compelled to want to rescue them or assist in their escape from the relationship. It can be challenging to determine the appropriate course of action or words to say. We’re here to help.

Additional Resources

We have a list of resources at your disposal. Don’t hesitate to contact us and seek assistance. AWAIC is here to ensure the safety of everyone.

Prevention and Outreach

AWAIC invests in evidence-based prevention strategies to stop violence before it starts. Our knowledgeable team provides tailored training on a variety of subjects to meet the needs of your group.